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About me

Photography has always been an important part of my life. I used a Kodak Brownie to photograph seed germination under a microscope in high school. The natural world constantly beckoned and photographs were the best way to record my observations. Everywhere I looked there were splashes of color, nuances of light and shadow, patterns and life cycles.

I acquired a Nikon F and even though the demands of raising a family and working occupied much of my time, photography remained my main avenue of self-expression. The transition from film to the digital format was difficult at first. While attending Suffolk County Community College, studying digital photography, I began a journey that opened my eyes to the intricacies of the medium.

The instant feedback of the digital format was a joy but I originally viewed post-processing as falsifying reality. While attending classes, my mindset began to change. I began to see my images as art, not simply a literal record of a scene and I realized that post-processing allowed me the artistic freedom to incorporate my personal vision into the images, making them more than just photographs.